Tele Radiology

Teleradiology is the electronic transmission of medicinal imaging examines (CT, MRI, XR, .and so forth.) from one area to other making them accessible for interpretation/consultation by radiologists who are absent locally in the district where the patient was examined. For this procedure to be executed, three fundamental segments are required, a picture sending station, a transmission network, and a receiving/image review station.
The fundamental thought behind the utilization of Teleradiology is that it is costly to have a radiologist on location. Generally the cost begins at about $1,500 every day. On contrary, utilizing a Teleradiology benefit empowers you to pay for each exam premise, and some of the time the expense is as low as $8 per exam. For facilities requiring every minute of every day administrations, or those that have a little volume of radiology patients, it can give an enormous savings.

  • Cyber Knife Radio Surgery
  • Tele 3D Imaging

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