Tele Pathology

Telepathology alludes to rehearsing pathology from a distance. Telecommunications technology is utilized for encouraging the transmission of pathology picture rich information between two inaccessible areas for diagnosis, research and education purposes. Keeping in mind the end goal to perform Telepathology, a pathologist must pick the video pictures that should be analysed and after that render an analysis. Utilizing TV microscopy, which went before Telepathology, didn't require a pathologist to have a virtual or physical hands-on inclusion in picking the microscopic fields-of-view to dissect and analyse.
Telepathology systems are separated into three noteworthy composes: static picture based systems, real-time systems, and virtual slide systems

  • Tele Microscopy
  • Microbiology
  • Digital Pathology
  • Histo Pathology
  • Cyto Pathology

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